Wednesday, 14 July 2010

End of the Academic year and now for holidays

We had our end of academic year BBQ when all the IGAD and IMEM staff get together and eat large amounts of meat and drink lots of beer and wine. I wasn't able to drink much but I had a few glasses of wine..which tasted terrible..not becuase it was (though it may have been) but becuase my sense of taste is extremly strange at the moment.

As indeed am I, I had to shave off my beard when half of it fell off from the RT, but I decided to go back to a teen look and have my moustache...ermmm I dunno..I look like a fat German or a fat american depending on who you ask..I might just get rid of it all until I can grow a beard again.
I am definitly having an image problem!! I may have to buy a stick on beard, and perhaps some sideburns ;)

It was nice to see everyone at the party, though I have to be honest I'm getting a bit tired of people asking me how am I? I know they mean well and thats why I've not been rude when replying but after a dozen times or so it starts to wear. I need to get a T-shirt.."Am fine, having RT, some bad days, might not speak, but doing well and looking forward to coming back to work"....hmm not a bad idea.

But of course the flip side is that they are all really concerned about me and that feeling that people care is probably worth all the minor irritations that come along, it really is nice to feel that I belong to such a tight group of collegues.

Emotionally I'm also much much better, the events of the sad today posting were a bit of a setback, but I am definitly feeling much more happy and secure in things now. I can't do much about the fact that 1 person seems to dislike my loud brash persona, but its only 1 person, out of 100's of others I've got to know in Holland, and that 1 person is simply balls to it. Why should I change what I say and do to please one person!

See thats much more the Brian I am used to being. No more stupid crying at the drop of a hat. I'm back baby.


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