Saturday, 10 July 2010

Orange Football Fever

Tomorrow there is a soccerball match happening in South America or somewhere.
Apparently the Dutch have a team competing and are doing rather well, It seems they've got to the final..well done them.

I thought it might be a good idea to pop into town tomorrow to help support the poor unknown dutch team and see if we can perhaps persuade a bar in town to maybe put the game on one of the screens.
A few collegues from work have all agreed to come with me and to help us stand out from the crowd and help show our support we agreed to wear something orange.

This is my effort.

The big silly hat is unfortunatly required since I can't really expose the skin thats being exposed to the Radiotherapy to the sun...So I had to go out and buy a big stupid hat..

I am of course dreading the fashion critique I may get when they see me in said big hat, contrasting with my nice tasteful Dutch Lion Tee shirt with mouth roaring flap feature ....I'm nothing if not stylish :)

And here's a close up of me, now minus my precious face fur pet, which fell off really it did....well half did I had to shave the other half off to match it...all thats left is the tufty bit under my lip...very Jazzzzz ...hmmm Niiiiiice

Mind you considering the incredible thunderstorm and rainfall thats going on right at this moment a full set of orange plastic poncho's might be a wise investment for tomorrow night.

Hup Holland Hup


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