Monday, 19 July 2010

Not a lotta things happening

I am updating my cancer blog daily with all sorts of juicy bits and bobs of pain and depression, but this main blog is getting a bit neglected.

Mainly cos there's not much happening. Well thats not quite true, the move is currently our big focus. Bina, organised as always has a white board listing all the tasks that need doing and for quite some time those with Brian beside them have steadfastly refused to be cleared off.

Thats mainly due to the need to wait 2 weeks before moving before informing the utility companies, which resulted in me navigating through some incomrehensible flash heavy websites to register as a user and finally tell them we were took a while but its done.

We were going to use a professional house mover, but my god they are expensive, and also not so many of them in Breda, which is a pain since they charge you travelling time to Breda. Not on really.
So we have roped in a few students and one or 2 people who are not going on their hols to helps us..I dunno at this point what my physical condition is going to be since its right at the tail end of my treatment when side effects are expected to be severe, but we'll have to just muddle through as best we can. At the moment as long as I can drive the van I will have some useful purpose on the day.

The van is booked, we're packing things every day in preperation (though I'm not packing as much or as fast as Bina wants...there's still 12 days) and everything is set for the off. It should be a fairly painless process, since we don't have a lot of stuff here in the apartment, but something is bound to screw up.

Very exciting...oh and I bought another guitar...I'm adding this in here at the end so that I can honestly say I have mentioned it when Bina asks why theres another guitar was a bargain..honest ;)

Steps away and turns quetly whistling to himself as he fades into the background.


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