Saturday, 3 July 2010

Getting back into it.

Ok finally, my PC is up and running again, sadly no quad core, but I did buy a decent E6550 on ebay and its increased the performance index in windows 7 by quite a bit.

I've also installed and set up all the gadgets and those I don't want/need/or don't work, will go on ebay.

Time now to make a start on some coding work I've had on hold for some time, as well as giving myself a refresher course in coding to plan my courses for next block.

I've got my PSP and DS dev systems in place as well, the PSP one was giving me a lot of grief, until I realised its IP address was conflicting with the wireless network.

Its not as silent as my old beast..but its certainly a nice PC..Windows 7 is very impressive and I really like the new Office 2010 suite which I will buy when the trial runs out.

Aside from some issues with IE8 not accessing work webmail I've had no problems at all with Win7. A huge huge improvment over Vista. But I do wish I could figure out how to get the cool Aero desktop to work on it..It worked with my spare keyboard which had a specific key..but not with my new split keyboard which does not have such a key.

My ex Sister-in-law thinks my blog is hilarious....not sure you'll find this entry very funny though ;)


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