Monday, 26 July 2010

heart still ruling head.

We found a 2009 version and indeed a 2010 version but we are not so keen on the 2010 becuase he superimposed the famous Valasquez painting over the image, see here it didn't work for me. We contacted the artist directly and he's happy to supply us with a 2009 version at much less than we paid the gallery.

We're debating whether to have it as a standard framed print or as an interesting idea he suggested of printed on metal and covered in liquid glass....we have no idea what that is,but he is going to send us an example to let us consider it.

eh by eck, this art lark is quite good fun i can feel the sophistimication levels rising daily :D



Anonymous said...

had to leave a comment on this blog but I've seen your pictures on the other blog. Skin does look very red and your tongue looks really sore! Also, I think you've lost weight but if you're managing to eat then you'll be fine. Mum x

Boring old Fart said...

not really lost weight, a kilo or so but thats ok, i am still eating and drinking fine even though its a bit of a chore due to lack of taste.

you really need to check what you are doing wrong on the post comment section of the other blog, its the same process!!!

Boring old Fart said...

ahhh I hink I had disabled the anonymous option on the cancer should be there now