Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Morphine... :)

As a result of the near crippling pain from the sores on my tongue I reluctantly accepted the doctors offer of some low grade morphine for the pain.

Nice warm fuzzy feelings as you would expect.....especially when mixed with JD and coke ;)

Nah in truth I'm only having a drink tonight because the pain has been quite extreme and the mix of morphine and jack has been quite effective, it has not made me all stoned as I expected, but it does have an impact, I am a little woozy which is quite pleasant and detached which is not quite so pleasant. Talking is still painful but due to the effects of the morphine I am able to speak now, which today was just agony.

Side effects of morphine are interesting, It kills libido and gives you changes there from normal then.

Never been quite sure why people enjoy drugs, the high it gives you is so artificial, and I actually dislike that sense of detachment and control that opiates have on you..grateful for the pain relief of course, but am really hoping I can drop this morphine in a few days once the source of the pain clears up.
It has also had me sleeping most of today and indeed its time to got to bed again....toodles


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