Saturday, 28 January 2012

21 today

My lovely daughter is now 21. its that even possible, its was only yesterday I was changing nappies and wiping her nose (not with the nappies), yet here we are 21 years on.

I missed a lot of her growing up, I was there till she started school and raised her while her mum worked, but as our relationship collapsed I had to step back and let her mum be the main parent, but I stayed around as much as I could and was always there for her, watching her grow from little girl, to moody teen, to smart young woman and

I am very proud of Danni, she's turned out a level headed, sensbile woman, who will tackle anything life throws at her......words don't describe how amazing a feeling that is for a dad.


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Tracey Chalmers said...

Ahh.. that brought tears to my eyes...