Tuesday, 17 January 2012

inhalers are ...ok

Went to docs about my cough, was lucky to get a same day appointment despite calling in later than planned.

Doc, a huge hulking ape like man who hunched over as he walked to the room with me following, had a bit of a listen, decided there was no real sign of infection but that my lungs were sensitive at the moment and prescribed an inhaler.

Funny thing is, both he and the chemist went to great pains to explain the correct way to use it, and warned of the deeply unpleasant issue of having to suppress the cough reflex you get when inhaling such things. But I must breath through it they both emphasised.

Got home...readies myself for this new, and apparently unpleasent medical experience, breathed right out, then deep breath in as shown, and pressed the inhaler button as I am taking my deepest possible breath.

nothing....did anything come out?

Pressed it onto my hand and yes sure enough, a little puff of something comes out.

So I think, it might have been a bit of an air lock in the gadget, shake it up, and repeat process...same result, absolutely no cough reflex or unpleasent sensation at all, in fact nothing whatsoever appeared to happen.

I think I just gave myself a double dose with no cough reflex.

hmmm best not do it again for a few hours then.

Oh...cough seems to have died down..so something has happened, good stuff this ;)



Tracey Chalmers said...

Andy got one of those a few weeks again, he didn't get AB either just a chest xray and the little, round, blue puffer... btw he loves it makes a big difference to his breathing, he's on his second already!

Boring old Fart said...

yeah, I've had this cough for 3 weeks now but the last couple of days have been severe and debilitating and within 5 mins of using the puffer the cough has died down considerably, so very pleased with the result.