Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Embarassed, moi?

Finally managed to take my fretlight to the shop today to get its nut properly installed and I thought I might as well spend a few quid to try to upgrade it generally. I was thinking, some new modest pickups, perhaps a coil tap on the humbucker. All sorts of smart ideas to make it into something worth keeping.

But the shop tech was having none of it.. simply not worth it, the bridge was the cheapest of cheap and the light wood body had little or no resonance on it to make any kind of mod viable.
It has a nice neck which is where it gets most of its sustain but otherwise its little better than some of the cheapest guitars they sell for beginners. Pickups are cheap, frets are not well dressed and of course the supplied nut is terrible and totally ineffective for proper playing.

I wanted the pickups changed to get rid of a hum on the neck pup, but he was adamant that it was simple single coil hum...I pointed out none of my other single coils hum that loud and he made a vald point, my other guitars are quality, and have quality pups.

I had to concede he was probably right.. there's no point spending money on a guitar thats only there for practicing my scales, keys and learing new songs with the supplied software.

Since its only a practice guitar and never ever ever going to be used for any serious music, changing the pups or anything else is throwing money away.

So he's going to fit a proper nut on it, set the action to a decent level and give it a proper set up. That alone will cost a couple of quid and thats where I'll leave it.
Overall todays experience in the shop confirmed what I already believed, I think that the concept of a tutor guitar with light-up fretboard is decent, but the quality of the actual instrument leaves a lot to be desired, at least on this base level model..I can't see me ever buying another. Shame really, since a harder wood and through body bridge would probably make it quite decent. I've actually bought betterr 50quid guitars on ebay...pity their fretboards didnt light up!

Oh well.


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