Friday, 27 January 2012

storage is the key

The attic is a mess, there's cardboard and packing material and tables and bits of stuff all over the place, since I've been spending the last several days building this...

Brilliant isn't it. Storage for 9-10 guitars each side, with the bottom side being reserved for guitars in use and out of their cases.

I do really prefer them all to hand, but this at least keeps them safe and solves what was becoming a major crisis for storage.

Its basically a double Pax wardrobe from Ikea, with sliding door (don't get the expensive glass ones if you don't need them, I didn't realise I had a choice) and divided in the middle rather than adding lots of cloth hanging/storage stuff. I still want to had a bit of re-enforcment to the shelving but loading it up now to see if all fits I noted it didn't stress or bend so it seems to be ok..for now, I'm still going to put a few support pillars in. At the moment a ABS case is acting as a bit of girder holding it up if it was too heavey, but I think we're good.

Quite a palava building it, Bina and I have been banging on about getting new robes for the bedrooms for ages, and I do like the Pax ones, but after this, when we do get them, we'll hire the ikea guys to build it for us.

Only a bit of re-ordering to do now, need to get rid of a table and move things around a bit to make use of the space so we can get full use of our home cinema as well as my studio/music room office, withouth tripping over guitars.


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