Saturday, 21 January 2012

So this is what being a student feels like?

Well its been a mad week, due to having to take a day and a half off due to the chest/cough, I've had the remaining work time filled up with other IGAD stuff, mainly students taking advantage of the ask Brian for help before he shuts down in exam week offer.
Which is fine, except for the fact I have a Didactics assignment, 2 actually to hand in this week. There simply was not enough time for that, I tried to flesh out the notes and roughs I'd build on over the weeks, but it just wasn't possible, my days of being able to work all day and night are long since passed me and I missed my deadline, fortunaly I am being allwowed to hand it in a few days late, and as a worst case if I do miss it I get a month to redo it..So it will be sorted, but for the 1st time really I've had a students view point of not being able to cope with my workload.

In my case I don't think I could have avoided it, I 've been doing my homework, making notes and roughing things out, but the sheer weight of coruse work I've had this block added to the extra faculty meetings and comittees I have to work on...its been crazy.

I've not been able to complete my guitar vault, just not enough time, though I did get 10 minutes to unpack and plug in my newest toy a Digitech Ex7 expession pedal, mainly for the awesome Leslie effect it has, but also lots of other cool incentive to get my assignment done so I can actually play with the thing.


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