Sunday, 8 January 2012

I'm cured!!!

I went with Bina to Utrecht today, she's was doing an exam for her Masters (which of course she'll get another A* for). And to amuse myself I went hunting for music shops.

I found the motherload!! Feedback Music...OMG Guitars, basses, Guitars, keyboards, Guitars, pedals, guitars, drums...everything in fact, including guitars.

Loooooads of them and proper makes, not the cheap branded chinese crap we have on sale at our local padding out the 2 or 3 decent guitars on offer.

And amazngly, all well priced....I tried loads of different ones, almost broke a Fender Acusticsonicaster thingy, which due to its thin head dropped off the wall mount after I played with it..fortunatly I caught it before it hit the ground and the shop staff wisely then placed it on a stand rather than the wall.

Lots and lots of interesting guitars, I got to try them out, even the expensive ones and for the most part I didn't like the way they no purchase. I got a chance to compare an Epiphone Lucille with my Gibsons and really there is no comparison. I tried a couple of Line6 variax's and loved the cheaper one, the top end having a strange heel join to the body that I hated. A couple of PRS Se's also felt great to play, one was on offer.....tempting. Ibanez's were nice but I just can't see the appeal myself. The Fender acoustithing was nothing to write home about. There were some very nice basses which almost had me reaching for my credit card, but nothing at a price I could justify for the amount I play, I'll stick with my old Roberts for now.

But, heres the thing, though I still have a chunk of my Xmas bonus available, I didn't purchase anything...I walked out smiling and happy with my twiddles, I know now what a range of guitars feel like and more important I know now where to go if I feel the need to buy another (I won't though...) and try before I buy.

GAS is clearly under control. Well that and the fact I am going to buy a wardrobe and convert it into a vault, as well as perhaps buy some better electronic drums as my kit is really not good for learning on, so I had other uses for my bonus money......still ....progress eh!


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