Tuesday, 17 January 2012

slow, slow, qu...slow slow

Despite my cough being under control with the inhaler, I've had to avoid the cold air outside and have been messing about with assignments and grading.

Also made a start on my new IKEA guitar vault, which is basically a standard Ikea Wardrobe but built for storage and re-enforced on the shelves to hold the guitars.

Normally I love doing flatpack furniture, its just like messing with big Airfix kits, but in my not well state, it was quite an effort, having to stop at every single little step. Normally I'd have it up and done in a few hours, but this is going to be a couple of days at this rate..got the 1st section up though and trying it out for size.

All fits....there's another section to be built and joined onto that section, reenfocement on the shelves, then glass sliding doors (A slight excess on my part as I didn't realise I could buy cheaper non glass doors..) and all should be fine and dandy.

I think I can store 20 in there, 5 in each section, though maybe less if cased. The bottom rack will hold my most used non Gibsons (I'll keep the gibbos on the wal) and the other racks can keep the less often used acoustics safe and secure and snug.
All in all a huge space savingbut still accessable.

Just wish I was fit enough to get it up and done. But work commitments mean I could only do a couple of hours and thats as much as I managed.

Hoping the inhaler lets me get a full nights sleep, and not get kicked out into the spare room for keeping Bina awake...Who incidently had a wisdom tooth out today, and she's still the smartest women I know...go figure??


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