Thursday, 5 January 2012

Home sweet home

Nice to have a break, but even nicer to come home to your own bed, even if at the moment I'm not in it, due to the fact I have a nasty cough from the cold I developed on holiday. I'll be waking Bina up if I snuggle into bed then start hacking and wretching. Though much better I'm still hacking, so spare room for me when this is done :(

I lost the final day of the holiday due to a nasty spot of food poisoning, not sure if it was the dissapointing Chinese we had or the really tasty but slighly dodgy and huge street seller candy floss I gobbled afterwards...probably the candy floss.

But a day on the couch in close running distance to a handy downstairs loo, had me back to normal again and we headed off on our trip home. Leaving my digital camera in the hire car in the process..bah..hopefully they can send it on to me...we'll have to see.

Speaking of digital camera's Bina had an absolute ball at Lorca Parque on Tenerife getting herself a yearly pass so she could go every day she wanted to see her beloved Orcas and dolphins. She went 3 times in the end. In the process taking some utterly brilliant pics which are on her facebook page, I might post a few on here too.

But holidays end, flight back was pretty good, we were worried about bad weather but we manage to miss it and had smooth flying and landings with no problems at all.

Stright to our soft and sadly seperate beds till the cough dies down.

I had a nice relaxing 1st day back with my girls, trying to do some recording of Bonamassa and Harts amazing version of Bobby Bland's "I'll take care of you", which I played on a loop 50 times at least when I was lying ill on the couch.. its just utterly brilliant.

Of course I couldn't get it down, I'll need a bit of help from my bandmates to be able to get this masterpiece recorded, and you can forget that end

Still I enjoyed the process of trying, its nice to have a bit of a break from playing guitar then finding that the break has made you more aware of things your doing right and wrong, so today was a good day despite the recording failure..I'll try something a bit simpler instead.....
like this

Which I can play, if not sing..

or maybe this..

a bit more challenging with several layers, but not too hard and very cool...

Watch this space and we'll see what I come up with.

New Year of course means new resolutions, my resolution is not to make any resolutions, oops which I've just broken...not to worry, I had already made up my mind to lose weight and get fitter once Holidays were all done, I'll start charting progress on that soon... The target is to lose 50lbs in 6 months, while obviously rediscovering the Charles Atlas body that is currently hidden in this Homer Simpson padded suit..
Lets just stick to the 50lbs..some diet...some....note that mum, some...But mostly more excersise.


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