Thursday, 12 January 2012

thats better

Fretlight's back, €35 well spent, still has a bit of a buzz somewhere probably on the bridge but that does not impact on its playing tone when amped so all is well.

The New nut is considerably better and I can do 1st,2nd and 3rd string bends with impunity now. A considerable difference seeing a proper cut nut in place compared to the badly scored bit of plastic that was on there.

I noticed though on testing it, that the humming and computer feedback is still very evident on the neck pup, even played wirelessly, you still need to have the midi contoller plugged in via a wire, to the guitar and pc so there is "noise" going back up into it. So I'm quite sure there's a quality issue in the earthing of the midi LED controller and that neck pup. But not going to worry about it, its for practice not playing, and I can use the other 2 pups no problem.

It can now take its place now in the stand near the computer ready to be plugged in with Guitar Pro6 for Fretlight to let me practice scales, modes and occasional songs. But I can't see me buying any more Fretlight products for the forseeable future.

I'll take Goldie in next to get her pickup selecter fixed, my DIY repair job has not really worked and now I can't access the neck pup or the out of phase sounds at let the pro handle it.


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