Monday, 12 April 2010

Coming to the end of round 1

Ok so that was the surgical/oncologist consult done...seems my lymph nodes are clear and clean, though we are still waiting on the needle biopsy results to be sure.

The plan at the moment is for surgery here in Breda, which is nice, they plan to do a lower jaw resection, which means I'll lose about 3 teeth worth, not quite sure if there's going to be any restructuring at this point and also removal of 1 lymph gland on that side for safety..I'll need to ask questions about that on the 20th to see what functions that'll impair.
But I do know I will lose lip control and most of the feeling on the right side of my face, so going to have to get some kissing practice I before I lose the knack.

I'm still not sure why a full resection is needed when it seems so local, but its best I question that with my surgeon.

Oh an a trach is very unlikely..phew...that would freak me out big time....stupid innit? I'm going to lose feeling in my face, have a droopy lip and not be able to chew or talk properly for months but I'm really relieved that they are not going to put a hole in my throat (uuuggg just typing that makes me squirm)..yup..I got some odd priorities :D


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