Friday, 9 April 2010

oh...and smiles too

Oh I forgot to mention something fun that happened yesterday. We had previously booked our medicals for the life insurance, and it was too late to cancel so we went ahead with it. It was done at home, by a really nice Dutch Doctor, sorry I didn't quite catch his name, as I an such a wuss at asking Dutch people to repeat their names when I don't make them out, who came and did all the BP, heart, lung tests etc, and filled out a questionnaire..All pretty standard, I explained the cancer diagnosis, and he just proceeded with the exam as normal.

What was amusing though was that as soon as he came in he caught sight of my Stratocaster sat in its stand in the living room and was quite captivated.
It turned out he was also a guitar player and was really impressed to see a real Fender sat there, his guitars were not very special it seems.

Once our exams were done, Bina had to have a 2nd BP test, because her pressures are normally high (she's on meds for it) and she had to lie down for a minute to let her pressure settle.

So with a fellow guitar buff in place, he raised the subject of guitars again and I realized I had something he'd like to see. I brought out the big gun and let him see and play my Lucille...He was agog, never having had such a lovely guitar in his hands before he strummed away with a biggest smile on his face, while Bina patiently lay on the couch waiting for her 2nd BP test. I showed him the others after he'd done Bina's test, the smile never came off his face once.

It really was nice to see how something so simple as holding one of my guitars, could make someone so happy, there was a chap, just doing a boring routine medical checkup, had his evening turned into something that made his day.

It also brought home to me something that was brought up at our "lads" night out, in the midst of people assessing what to do next with their lives now they needed new jobs, everyone was banging on about their life goals; There was talk of high academic achievements, fame,important breakthroughs in their fields, fortune and so on...and it dawned on me, the only real goals I have to is to see my kids happy, not to piss people off, and to make Bina smile. Everything else in my life is just fine, in spite of the kick in the nuts over the cancer thing, my life is amazing..why reach for more? (though a cure for cancer would be a good idea..I'll get right on that when I have time)

Sometimes the really important things are just the tiny things that are closer to home than you realize, the getting through life parts that people confuse as being important goals, are just the means to let you achieve these simple goals, they are just the bumps in the road you need to deal with.


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