Friday, 16 April 2010

feeling better and worse

Oh I have made a great discovery, while googling last night on jaw resection, I stumbled accross the site of Eric Warman
Eric, is a game developer, like me, who had jaw resection surgery on Dec 17th (my Birtday) for the same type of cancer, in pretty much the same place and he detailed everything including pics, on his blog...WARNING there are very graphic pics and videos in there of his operation and aftermath. (Don't look mum...really..)

I've read/watched quite a bit of it, though a lot of it is a bit hard for me to watch as its going to be so personal to me soon, it is fascinating. I also managed to contact Eric and add him to my faceboox account.

We spent an hour or so last night facebook chatting, with me asking all the kind of sily questions only someone who has been through it can answer..I've had a lot of worries taken off my shoulders I can tell you, I know most of the medical stuff but the little personal details are nice to know.

Though I have one concern added, or rather re-added, the dreaded trach popped up again, he had to have it and others he knows also...So I am back squirming at the thought of that. I'm going to have to be quite forceful that I really don't want a trach done....but I'm getting ahead of myself, I still have to discuss all this with my surgeon. So I'll try to stop squirming till then.

Eric's story is uncannally close to my own, so I'll take his recovery as a model of how mines will be....though I'm hoping I don't pick up an infection in the bone harvest site like he did which caused a few more issues for his recovery.



E-Dog said...

The infection wasn't anything like a gran-green or something disease it was more about bad tissue was keeping the good tissue from growing.

E-Dog said...

The leg infection was minor there was just some bad tissue keeping it from healing but everything is golden now. It's not as bad as the word infection might indicate.

Boring old Fart said...

Hi Eric,
thanks for popping by and clearing that the end of the day, its a fairly minor thing compared to the rest.

really am finding your site fascinating and frightening in equal measure, so much good information there to help me know what to expect.

I'm just amazed we have such similar background and experience...not sure I'm brave (mad??) enough to get the doc to give me all the pics though :D