Saturday, 17 April 2010

Who spilled the curry?

spent 10 mins on my knees cleaning up the stain after someone spilled some curry on the carpet last night, would have been a bit easier if I had been told at the time;)

Not that I mind at all, we had a FANTASTIC evening last night, with most of our work colleagues and friends coming over to celebrate the great British Curry extravaganza Bina and I had prepared as a sort of final chew event.

The event was a great success with everyone really enjoying the food, a selection of chicken, lamb and vegan curries, dal's and stuff.

Including an absurdly hot Chicken Phal I prepared which was intended only for the Macho men and true masochists, since it had 20 dried red chilies 10 fresh red chillies, and a couple of scotch bonnet chillies in there...which normally would need you wearing a Hazmat suit to serve...but it all got eaten!!!!
...I am sure there are going to be some hot bottoms today though ;)

Some impromptu guitar playing also occurred followed by more food and chocolate fountain fun, before ending on several rounds of Tequila slammers with the surviviours.

A great night, with great people...Bina and I had a total ball, thanks to all who came (even the curry spiller).


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