Friday, 9 April 2010

Ok, but it'll cost you; 1st tears.

We got a bit of good news today, Even though I wont be able to get any life insurance while I have the cancer, we can still move ahead with our plans to buy the house, taking a slightly different mortgage plan, which of course...will cost extra!

Finance is never anything but opportunistic, where theres a reason to charge..they charge. Not sure exactly how much more, around 150euros I think. I guess we can offset that by the fact we won't be paying Life insurance premiums.

But in the grand scheme of things its only money, and if it allows us to get the house we want, then we'll push ahead.

Pretty much done telling all the family and friends now, those that I can't get hold of will no doubt hear in due course. some wonderful words of support that are really nice to hear, thanks to everyone...Work colleagues have been simply amazing with offers of help and cover till I get back, they really are an amazing bunch.

Hardest person to tell was my daughter Danni, who didn't take the news well and was the only one who had me blubbing on the phone, but after the initial shock of hearing the C word, she started to take onboard the facts that it is early and treatable so we had a bit of blub and left it at that. Nothing I hate more than hearing my sprog cry, even if she is all grown up.

So in true fuckit style I went out on the razzle last night with a few colleagues, a couple of whom sadly won't be coming back to NHTV next year....I figured having cancer kinda topped being let go. so they couldn't really complain too much about their need to polish the CV.

We let our hair down and had a superb meal and wine at the Goucho steak house and booze at the pub to follow. My colleague Dino surprisingly insisted on paying the restaurant bill which was sweet of him and a little embarrassing, since I had every intention of paying for it myself to cheer everyone up, and had ordered "the good stuff", with all the trimmings (solid food has become somewhat extra important to me at the moment) so it was not a cheap night for the big man..I tried to make up for this by keeping the booze flowing at the pub and subsequent hour or so of pool at the American pool bar that followed (even pissed as a fart I was unbeatable ;) )

A good night, hopefully topped off by my friend Steves (one of the leavers) drunken but sincere proposal to his Dutch girlfriend, which I hope they remembered and will carry through and stay in Breda....I offered my services as a bridesmaid....but I hope they forget that bit.

Anyway...sleep is slow to come despite being much as I am coping well wth the situation, it does weigh on my mind especially when I am trying to sleep...but time I went to bed and tried again.


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