Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Mohs surgery??

yes I know I should keep away from the internet when I can't sleep. But I have been researching things again and have come across some info on a surgical technique known as Mohs surgery.

The type of cancer I have is squamous cell carcinoma located in the gingiva (thats a lump in the gums to you and me) This is basically a form of skin cancer, the gums after all are basically covered in a type of skin like everywhere else, only wetter. So they get the same kind of cancers as the other types of skin.

I've been reading that it can be used on squamous cell carcinoma though usually on lips, tongues and other fleshy bits, but can't seem to locate much info on its use on the gum.

The main advantage of this technique is that it basically slices down to the root of the tumor and only takes away as much as needed, each slice viewed under a microscope to verify the cancer is clear. This would mean no need to remove the jawbone though the teeth might still need to go to allow access to the entire gum tissue, and a nice access cut on the jawline..

If that could be done, it would be less trauma of course and a simple healing and repair process. So I am going to ask about this as soon as I can. It does seem to be mostly a US favored technique but there is a surgeon in Maastricht who does this so...we'll see.

clutching at straws a bit, but I want to be given some options, I don't really like this simple statement of we need to remove the jaw...if it is healthy and untouched I think it best to discuss ways to save it.


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