Sunday, 11 April 2010

oh the horror

The internet is a horrible just gives you too much information. I've been looking up details on jaw resections, so I can be prepared for Mondays surgical consult.

Christ its a big deal..I hope to fuck I only need a partial resection because the full Monty is not a pleasant process at all. Not least because it probably involves the one thing I truly have an absolute horror of, a Tracheostomy.

Ever since I was a kid, I've hated having my throat touched or constricted, I can't bear to see injuries to throats and am really freaked out by people who have trach holes. I don't wear chains or anything that touches my throat because I hate the feeling. Having the scans and biopsies last week put me at the absolute limit of my tolerance.

A tracheostomy is my absolute total idea of the worst thing in the world. I really don't think thats something I could take, it would totally freak me out. And I don't care how many people have one without issue and come through it.. I simply can't deal with that....fuck that.

So...I have to hope the surgeon is confident of a fairly simple shaving bone process (a partial resection) rather than losing a big chunk which needs the trach to counter the resulting swelling

A little information is indeed a dangerous thing, but I'd rather know the facts, even if they creep me out, so I can ask the right questions.


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