Saturday, 3 April 2010


very disappointing poker game with, who shall remain nameless, felt it was all being taken a bit too serious.
and totally ruined the final phase of the game by bitching about it, so much so we just ended it there and then.....why come to a fucking poker night if you don't want to play poker. The argument that other games he used to talk more is just bs...much booze was drunk, much talk was made but also much poker was played...

Its not a case of taking it too serious its simply a case of enjoying a common theme and seeing it through...way to lose the fucking plot dude!! I hope to fuck he's not going to come to the tiddlywinks evening i was thinking about planning.

ahh balls to it, am pissed and a bit narked for reasons that may become apparent next week.

right now time to get to bed and sleep it off.


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