Sunday, 25 April 2010

I can't do that..I've got cancer.

Not for much longer..I've been lapping up the attention of those around me as I avoid doing the chores or indeed any work at all..its amazing, the sheer power of the C word. I don't care...I deserve to be a bit selfish in the run up to the big op.

We've had a nice week, trotting about the place, doing stuff and ermm things. Just for the hell of it. Especially eating..lots and lots of eating all my favorite foods. But today I have to have an easy eating day, and tomorrow an even lighter day so I have a nice empty stomach before my op.

The admissions guy at the hospital actually surprised me by insisting I have a very light breakfast at 7am...This isn't my 1st surgery of course, and normally they are mega anal about not eating for hours before. Mind you when he said light he meant light...a couple of toasted biscuits and coffee..Not sure its worth the effort but I'll take the advice, especially the coffee. am I? Bit tense, little scared of course, worse at night when I am trying to sleep, but sleeping fine when I do drop off.
The sheer thought of whats going to happen is at the front of my mind all the time..But am calm despite all this..The relief that I don't have to have the full resection will carry me through, it could be much worse.

But there is of course always a silver cloud to that lining...or something...We signed the papers for the mortgage on Friday, and posted them off. So assuming we've not ticked the wrong box or they decide they need even more paperwork (they actually wanted me to supply my divorce papers...lucky I got a copy of them from my ex before I moved over.) We should get confirmation of all the paperwork being processed when I get out of hossie.

That really is something to look forward to, all being well our move will happen in July and we can start putting down roots in our new country. A nice fresh start in so many ways.
I'll try to make some blog posts while I am in hospital so mum can keep up to date before she comes over to visit...dunno if they have wireless or not..Seems I can get internet if I opt for a "comfort" package....costs extra though and not sure the insurance will cover it..but I will ask :D



E-Dog said...

better be online while in the hospital man I want to hear when they have to pull your catheter our and or wipe your butt.

Boring old Fart said...

You have a disturbing fascination with toilet goings on don't you :D

I'm sure I'll let you know if I need my bum wiped...I'll even try to take a pic for you...but since I'm not having my leg chopped up I think I might be able to get to the can by myself ;)

E-Dog said...

Dammit. I was hoping for ass wipe Olympics.

Kick ass bro!