Monday, 28 May 2012

bloody pc, but double wages and Utrecht jollies.

Since I am able to post on my laptop which also has IE9 I haved to conclude the problem seems to be my copy of IE9, I tried to do an update but it said I had the latest version and refused.

Yet Youtube also bitched that it was using IE7 and thats no longer being supported..I suspect there is some issue with the registration...maybe I'll remove it and re-install.

Anyway..had a fun time in Utrecht window shopping in a windowless guitar shop, I was hoping they'd make me a decent offer on my Ovation but they didn't..never mind I got to play a lot of axes and had a small impromptu jam with other customers...which was a lot of fun,  then on to a blues bar where I saw a very strange act ...still not quite sure if it worked or not....not probably but...who knows.
Shame its so far away, Utrecht, but there's a new blues bar opened in Breda, only problem is like a lot of smaller pubs here they allow smoking inside which I really would rather not have to put up with....I'll watch that space though..not sure if they're going to have bands on or not..we'll see.

Been scorching hot today as summer finally hits Breda, and of course with the change in seasons I seem to have a new cold to deal with, sore throat and cough already started...bahhh..

I had totally forgotton about our summer holiday bonus, which came in this months pay packet, in my head it was due in June or July but boom there it was this Month of May. This basically is one of the real perks of my job, twice a year I get double wages...

This time it really could not come at a better time, Bina's leaving is going to mean a lot of financial restructuring which is bound to cost a fortune along the line, new mortgage, seperating our credit account, new insurance policies and so on, these things will probably involve some legal stuff too, so its' going to cost. So despite the tempation to go buy a Les Paul Custom, I'll hang on to the cash.

It was going into the joint credit account which we'd used to buy the holiday in Croatia we had planned, but thats all off now too, at least with me, she's taking Jodie.

So best hang on to the reserve and see what expenses come round. We'll split the credit account based on usage and Ill see about killing it when all expenses are done..

I really don't like being in debt these days. Ever since my company failed and I was banktupted in 2003 I've been quite good about not having debt I could not pay back with a months wages, but the credit account keeps creeping up with holidays and other expenses. I'm not likely to want to go on quite so many holidays on my own so it can get cut back and used for its true emergency or very large purchase purpose.

I am having a holiday by myself anyway this year, another guitar break in sunny France, this time for electric so its not as if I'm not going to get any holidays this year....still...bit dissapointing. If possible I might book a last minute deal to the canaries or something.....though tbh holidays on my own are not much fun...probably best to do a bit of expoloring round holland...this could be the point where my mid life Harley makes an appearence....or maybe just get the pushbike services again...whatever's cheapest.

Of course things would be a lot easier if my cash card for my own account had not got broken
somehow, no cash machines can read it, yet the scrambler for internet seems quite happy. Added to that I got a new credit card sent to me a few months back, but I forgot to activate it, and now my old card has been stopped and the new one can't be acticated...grrrr...I use that for most of my larger purchases and pay it off each month so this is a bit of a pain...1 more thing to sort out at the bank I suppose.

Long weekend this week too, which is nice, I like a quiet Monday, though I do have to get a lecture ready and finish a shit load of marking still I'll try to clear it all tomorrow and get that sorted ASAP.

onward and upward


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