Saturday, 19 May 2012

The recording part is easy...

Its the bloody singing that I can't get right...though I also am not too happy with this mix, which was pumped into GB then mastered...but it has the vocals way to up front for my liking (and indeed any music lover)

I know the timing is odd, I kinda wanted that...its running with a loop as the percussion rhythm so some changes to timings were lack of vocal expression doesn't really bring out what I wanted to do...but hey ho its just a learning track.

So mixing down is a bit problematic, mainly cos I'm still doing in GB, I really should be sending the tracks individually to CuBase or something which the R24 can talk to and using the mixers to control pan as well as volume..Still, a good learning curve, I got 3 inputs into my R24 and kept everything nice and separate so the recording and track re-takes were easy to do...though I have yet to work out how to do the vtracks on the R24...which allows short  phrase retakes.

Ah I found the panning features...doh! was a button.....oh well, I messed about and this time sent it clean to GB and mastered with minimum processsing....seems a lot better also trying it on Soundcloud this time for a change...seems easier to handle than soundclick at least while its free.


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