Saturday, 5 May 2012

Clear out begins

By buying something new????

I have an MRS-8 the precursor to this beast, which is fantastic and got a lot more use before I used Garageband and was going to be used for portable recording of band practice though it has limited inputs, but this came up on ebay at silly BIN price so had to have it, its a refurb but I don't mind, saving 150quid is worth a tatty box and a few scratches, but this now means I NEED to sell the extra gadgets to make some cash to cover it.
So the MRS-8 goes to be replaced by the new beast more suited to band based recording

Digitech Jamman goes, the RC300 just does everything it does and I found syncing vocals seperatly was near impossible.

The hardly used but much loved RC3 which I have no use for now with the RC300 (a classic example of the need to buy the best 1st time 'cos you'll just upgrade if you like it)

The Zoom 607, so I can replace with a newer model

The EXE OD10 an nice enough overdrive pedal but not used since I got my Tube Screamer.

The Ebow (I really never use it, even though I like it its pointless keeping it)

Also the 6 guitar stand, great thing and at the time a great idea, but the vault makes it useless. I'll keep the 3 way one though since I may need it if we ever gig!

Working up the courage to put a few guitars on too, The Roberts Silent (redundant since I got my Ovation VXT), my Ovation Acoustic and Gibson Custom copy should get a decent return. Postage would be such a bitch if it were bought by someone in the UK.....

hmmm guess I need to do it sometime I don't like the Ovation Acoustic much so its never going to get the use it deserves and the Gibson Custom stands out like a sore thumb next to my real Gibsons.

That should raise a few bob might as well, its time for my 1st cull..I probably should get rid of the cheaper classical too but no way would Ebay give a good price. I'll root about and see what else I don't need or use any more.

I'm holding off on the Zoom GX2.1u though, I know I don't use it much, but that and the Zoom A2 are good workhorse multi pedals that can be used anywhere, unlike my FCB/AD3 and RC300 setup. which does everything but needs 2 big bags to cart around.


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