Friday, 18 May 2012

hmm lost out on that

All ebay items are away, though I almost screwed up the postage, I put the wrong labels on the packet to Italy and Belfast...only spotted it at the last minute as I was paying for the 49euro postage (for 3 packages)

so all told I ended up paying near 150 in postage and 20-30 on ebay and paypal fees....on items that made below expectations and sold only at base I lost a packet effectively...not going to make that mistake again...Buy it now prices  and buyer arranges postage in future..I think ebay from NL simply isn't worth the finanaical risk.
But since the bank balance has been a little light the last few months, the cash injection is welcome.

Anyway, great jazz festival on in Breda this weekend, losts of bands, not all jazz, some soul, funk and blues bands taking to free stages around the city. The weather today was good but its gone a bit cloudy so I've stayed in execting it to piss didn't so I'm missing out but will certainly be going for some blues tomorrow/sunday

Poker tonight, seems its my turn to host, better go shopping and get some snackes. Hpefully I'll recoup some of those ebay losses tonight.....not likely though given my last several efforts to win, which but some strange kind of voodoo turned out to be losess...hmmm


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