Saturday, 12 May 2012

Learning Curves

The ZoomR24 arrived today and am delighted to say despite being a refurb and 150quid cheaper than new, it arrived in pristine,complete and apparent unused condition. Brilliant

But it is a complex bit of kit, and has taken many hours of manual reading to get some drums playing while recording, discovered one or 2 minor issues (can't have different fx on different tracks but not a problem for the purpose I have in mind where tracks will have fx before going in)

It also has a problem I've had many times before  with EU two prong power systems...ground noise. It goes give out a fair bit of hum unless you are grounding the signal by touching something metal in the chain, or as I did plugging in a unused cable and holding it with my toes so I act as the ground.

Not really a huge issue just a bit annoying as long as one of the inputs is grounded it'll be fine, and of course I'll ensure that happens when its set up to run. I'll try and find my 3 prong uk power unit and use that which should eliminate the hum.

Its good though records clean and clear and once i work out all the features will be a great band asset as a decent budget method of getting all band members to plug in and record their individual tracks as we play together, ...while also plumming it into a PC and the Jamhub so that everone gets headphones (though the jammans mixing functions will be bypassed when recording) and a chance to rework their tracks if everyone else is going well.

Hopefully this will resolve some of the sound mixing/balancing issues I've been having with the jamhub output to the mixer/ We either get Brittas voice buiried in bass and guitar or its all mushed together preventing us from doing anything with the samples. Essentially we only get 1 chance to set levels before the signal goes to the pc, hard to be sure while also playing. The R24 however stores all inputs and allows me to change the balances  after playing and when doing a final mix to the master track or PC.

if it all works, its a cool way to get a way to monitor and record tracks on a busdget well below the many thousands a proper recording desk would cost.

I will try this out next time we get together.


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