Tuesday, 15 May 2012

ouch but yeah, but hmm

Ouch, my clever ploy...hey wait a minute...whats going on with blogger, they've reverted back to the old style editor....Anyway....

My clever ploy to provide free P&P on the guitars sold on ebay has backfired somewhat on finding out that shipping a guitar in case and boxed up cost me the best part of 95euros..I would'nt mind if I'd made a decent price on it, but with all the last minute 1 pound bids it only made 225quid...I'm well down on the price I paid.. So I've pulled the other guitars from ebay, I mean if the Roberts sold for its base price I'd make less than 50quid on it.
I can't understand why its possible to ship a guitar from the UK to Holland for 30-40 but the other way is double that...even using the same parcel2go.com agent.
I'll try listing the Ovation and Roberts on Marktplats or ebay.nl and buyer collects or arranges pickup...95 x3 would be too big a hit I'm afraid.
Yeah :D... is due to me getting the R24 hooked up to my Jamhub and then into my mac giving me a way to record up to 8 inputs and stillbe able to play silently with headphones for each band member, though we lose a bit of individual mixing ability while recording...and also doing 1 takes to GB..or reworking nearly perfect takes by overdubbing the faulty bits... A proper recording system in the attic.
Hmmm is more serious, had a big row with Bina over her unrelenting and blind acceptance of holistic "medicine"...I use that term lightly.,..
It have no time for it, none whatsoever mainly due to the single simple provable fact that it does not actually work beyond promoting a sense of well being in the recipiant. You might as well wave your hands over a person lying down and hum at them to get them better...oh wait...they do that, isn't that Rieki or aura clensing, or chakra unclogging or some other rubbish...it has the same outcome, though I understand its MUCH more effective if you use the right crystals as well to drain the negative energy man!!
Some of Bina's family are all deeply into various forms of holistic medicine, fair enough, each to their own,  but its normally something I ignore and avoid conflict and let them get on with it but its come up in several conversations again recently.

Jodie needs some medical treatment for Scoliosis, a condition she'll have to cope with for life which may eventually result in surgery (though thats extreme).. But the family are promoting a range of idiotic therapies to treat her..
No..sorry, believe all the bollox you want for yourself, but when the kids need to have a calm and measured response to provide care with a view to long term relief, lets keep the hokum out of it. I've made it clear I'm not paying for any unproven holistic medicine and I'm sticking to that.

Bina does not approve...not surprising.. my "opinion" that its nonsense is just my opinion! Easy to ignore and defend against by sticking your metaphorical fingers in your ears and going blah blah blah

But its not an opinion, there have been hundreds of clinical trials run to try to show it is effective, independant, proper trials, some funded by goverments looking for new treatments some by holistic and homepathich bodies looking for confirmation of their claims.

Hundreds... but not one has shown a provable positive result. It clearly and provabley does not work...thats not opinion, that fact!

Its sad that someone I love, care for and deeply respect and know to be a smart intelligent person is so utterly blind to simple rational facts...It does not work, its bunk, its snake oil, and the proof....as I said, there is not one clinical trial that proves that any holistic/homepathic therapy works.
Even though they wanted it ...Sure there's case studies and "interpretations" of the trials which are carefully worded to suggest that the trials were flawed or that the wrong type of patient was used.

All these trials prove conclusively that holistic therapies provide no benefit beyond placebo effect... ie if we think we're getting treated we improve our healing response a little...

Ahhhhh but thats becuase....and the arguements about no evidence is not proof of effectiveness, big pharma conspiracies and so on start.....

Christ, this really really fucking amazes me, it really does, how can anyone genuinely believe that healing is about balancing energies in your body, or removing toxins, or taking pills so diluted that you might as well throw an asprin in the sea and cure everyones headache due to the power of water memory....or or...the list is endless, with hair brained concepts of health and energy...

The latest nonsense here at home is grounding...it seems its a good idea to sleep with a mat under you plugged into the power system to ensure your excess enery is allowed to escape your normally rubber insulted body to earth and promote better blood flow.. I mean...seriously....SERIOUSLY

HOW CAN ANYONE FALL FOR THIS BULLSHIT!!! Oh there's proof...hmm Thermal imaging of a group of patients who all wanted to cure various compalins and needed to protect themselves from EMF

oh ffs....Bad science is bad science, its easy to disprove...if you are willing to listen.

But its easier to just stick your fingers in your ears and go blah blah

Amazingly science can even explain why people believe this and other incredible bits of nonsense...its a psychological phenomena called Collective Reinforcement...ie if enough people say its true then a belief becomes fact regardless of any facts to the contrary...

Easy to demonstrate this in action, easy to understand, and we're all of us prone to it in some form...its the root of our ability to form social groups of like minded people, but it can be dangerous, especially when allied to another phenomena called Confirmation bias...where you only see confirmation of your belief from those who share them.

Sound familiar at all? Religion, cults, stereotyping, bigotry, fanatasicim, conspiracy theories, covens, cliques, closed minds and holistic medicine.....all examples of beliefs becoming fact by the power of others...

And heres' another fact

The Misconception: When your beliefs are challenged with facts, you alter
your opinions and incorporate the new information into your thinking.

The Truth: When your deepest convictions are challenged by contradictory
evidence, your beliefs get stronger.

And thats what's happening here...my "opinion" is a direct challenge to her indoor's beliefs..

Normally I'd laugh all this off as just a simple case of some daft ideas Bina has in her head...as we all do from time to time, we all love our partners and family members little ways....Im sure I drive her nuts with my serial obsessions, life is like that.
But no, enough, its too close to reality now...this isn't just harmless ideas that are worth a try, this is belief in the absurd, the unprovable , the rediculous and worst of all its a belief thats so steeped in confirmation bias that its apparently enough to threaten end our reltionship for challenging these views.

Really?? I mean....really?

I'm not buying it...our relationship is stronger than that.
I will change my opinion, happily and willingly, when someone can show me clinical trials that prove the efficacy of any holistic practice.....just 1.

Until then, I would honestly suggest any one with a rational mind questions anyone who says they have found something amazing to lifes ills, thats so powerful it can't actually be proven to work, but others are trying to hide the truth and that they should only ever listen to those who share the same belief.

Its a rocky road...all it takes for this nonsense ot take hold is to say nothing...I've said nothing for too long.

I'll quote a fantastic section from Tim Minchins amazing comedy poem Storm
Science adjusts its beliefs based on what's observed
Faith is the denial of observation so that Belief can be preserved.
If you show me that, say, homeopathy works. Then I will change my mind
I'll spin on a fucking dime I'll be embarrassed as hell. But I will run through the
streets yelling It's a miracle!
Take physics and bin it! Water has memory!
And while it's memory of a long lost drop of onion juice is infinite
It somehow forgets all the poo it's had in it!
Also this is brilliant

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