Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mummy, will it hurt?

My 1st cull is underway.
3 guitars,

Ovation Standard Elite
Chinese Les Paul Custom, one of the better fakes I've seen, though you can spot the rosewood fretboard a mile off which is kinda daft to make everything else look right and not even attempt a dark eboy board!!!

Roberts Skeleton, odd beast and quite fun, but redundant since I got my VXT Hybrid

and various Gadgets on ebay. get them while you can ?
My impuse buy RC3...does everthing my Jamman does but in a more compact form, and with batteries so ideal as a more portable looper, but since getting the RC300 I've not used
Ahh bye bye MRS8 you were awesome
This really is the best single channel looper out there...the RC3 has more memory and a few more features but for sheer awesomeness the JamMan is king
Wish I could remember where I got this and how much, its a nice overdrive pedal though, lots of range but I have a Tubescreamer copy now which is more the tone I want.
Good old 607, never let me down, if it don't sell I won't be stressed, its always done its job really well.


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