Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ebay fail

I took the guitars off the sale, afraid of the possible postage cost, but still no sale on my 100quid base MRS-8. These go for 150quid on average and though it had wtchers, there was no bidders...
Oh well it will get some use as a portable recording unit for the band when we use the Mezz. I'll set up the R24 at home as a semi perm work station.

I suspect the Netherlands location is putting people off....even with free postage!! Which as I pointed out before hurts me more than I realised. When people are happy to buy it now for 150 and 10quid postage but not willing to bid 100quid and free postage on the same item you need to examine the differences...and location is the biggie.

So the great cull ends in moderate dissapointment, 1 guitar , 1 old rarely used pedal and 2 great pedals gone and a fraction of their value realised after fees and postage.

I'll have to find a better way to sell things, time to check out ebay.nl and Marktplaats.nl

Ebay.co.uk as a selling medium is dead to me now.


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