Friday, 11 May 2012

Slow starters?

Still not a lot of bids, with only a few hours gone only 2 items are going so far, the loopers, have a total of 4 bids, LOTS of interest in the Les paul but eveyrone is waiting till the death to bid..I hate sniping, especially like this when lack of healthy bidding will result in a compressed and incomplete bidding frenzy that won't really get the best return.

oh well....only 2 hours to go....
Still think the LP will go, just hoping some of the other stuff goes too but not at base prices, otherwise I might as well bin things.

well the Ovation didn't go despite 2 watchers

the Les Paul has gone but only on the strength of 2 last minute bids which raised its price a whole £5, neither of the bidders where the ones who asked for extra pics, there were 24 watchers

Roberts Skeleton, no sale...5 watchers...tbh, not to upset, I am rather attached to the odd beast. sale...amazing, these things have been flying out of ebay steadily for a couple of months...mine was below the usual 150 price and free postage, 3 watchers, maybe the lack of PSU put people off, I'll see if I can find its PSU, I know I still have it, just not sure where, then will relist.

JamMan went for 137,  10 bids, so that went for the expected amount, though agian all bidding in the last few minutes
The RC3 has 1 bid and 10 mins left so it will go but hoping the price will rise if the 17 watchers convert to bidders.

Oh man!! Only 2 quid added to the start price on the RC3 2 bids, the final one being a last minute snipe

Exe OD10 overdrive has got a bid in the last  few mins so its going...gone for its base price thought its been bought by an Italian bidder, which is a problem since I stated I would only accept bank transfers from italians...since there's a lot of postage scams that occur on things sent to italy..will see what he says, he has goodd 700+ feedback so maybe I'll risk it for 20quid.

So..with only the old Zoom 607 and 6 guitar stand to go, with no watchers I'm not expecting them to sell.  I've found the whole sellinge experience, something I've not done for a very long time, to be quite frustrating...last minute bidding resulting in base level prices....oh well, its sill space and cash to pay for new toys in future.


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