Friday, 18 May 2012

Sick species that we are

Something deeply worrying about the idea of Facebook being worth $100B and it seems being easily able to get people to pay that.

In a time of deep worldwide recession, it seems people are greedy enough to give a handful of people chunks of their money in an effort to make profits....

$100B......3.3 times the estimate of what it would take to solve world hunger.

Imagine if they'd given that money to a cancer charity, or elderly care homes, or african development programs, or any number of things that would have enhanced our or others lives.

Instead a bunch of geeks get to become billionaires, and 10'000's of already rich people (rich enough to afford $24 a share) will expect to get richer so they can put more money in their banks.

I'm not against having wealth and enjoying the things money can bring...but there's a limit.....there has to be and we seem to have forgotton that in a world with a finite amount of wealth we just keep giving it to the 0.01% who horde it but somehow expecting them to make us richer....I mean....really?

And lets be 100% clear about what happens when people start switching off facebook when the adverts needed to make the profits, become all pervasive and the share price tanks....or when Myarsebook comes out and takes over the mantle of being the premier social network for free!
These people will be pissed off and upset and apparently justified in being so.

We live in a crazy world....when is it going to change?


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