Friday, 11 May 2012

The Suspense

I'm not entierely sure what the point of 5 or 7 day listings is on certainly gather a few watchers but of my 9 items currently listed only 1 has an actual bid...hmmm lots of watchers on them all though, over 70 so far and quite a few questions.

Mostly regarding the JamMan which has the bid, and people asking for closeups of the Les Paul copy,, which is also garnering a good number of watchers, but so far no bids. I wonder how many will think they may have stumbled on a real Custom and a stupid seller who does not know what he's I do..its a genuine fake :D. Unlike others though I am clearly stating that and pointing out the clues so no one gets any ideas about it. Its just a really nice chinese made Les Paul copy that wants to be a real gibson so bad it grew an inlay on its headstock.

Today is last day, when they will finally start appearing on the 1st or 2nd page of the search list, that should finally start them bidding so they'll either be sold or not and relisted till they do sell.

Oh wait, another bid, this time on the That means the R24 cost is almost covered, though ebay/paypal and postage will take a chunk, at least it lessens the damage. I fully expect the Les Paul to go though which will certainly cover my costs and put a few bob in the bank to pay for July's guitar workshop among other frivolities due to be paid for.


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