Wednesday, 18 July 2012

89.3 Long Lie in's and recording fun

One thing I have to resolve is the fact that with no one in the house I will go to bed and get up when I want..I don't really have an internal body clock, or certainly not one that runs to 24hr cycles... so after putting down some intial tracks last night (which on relistening are crap) I finished around 3-30 and went to bed

Waking up at 1-30...hmm half the day gone...though I'm not going anywhere so it hardly matters...and I feel refreshed and awake which would not have been the case if I'd set an alarm.

Still I must try to get into a conventional sleeping pattern or I will be a hermet living nocternally before long.

Crazy in love is a frustrating project, but one I am going to push on with. I am going to have to change the key though, a bit of a practice sing in the shower (why do I always sound amazing in the shower) made it very clear I can sing something I like but not in the same key as Antony, so a bit of experimentation is needed to find a suitable key....if such a thing exists for my voice.

The blip in the diet is starting to fade and weight loss is back on...only a few hundred grammes a day but thats how these things work

I am however going to bite a painful bullet...and start going to the gym that I pay for every month as a concessin to trying to be healthy, as much as I hate it, it will accelerate the weight loss....I just need to find some better noise cancelling headphones to drown out the horrible noise of the music.


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