Saturday, 7 July 2012

On the road again....

They give you free Internet on the Thalys train from Paris to rotterdam, only it's utter rubbish, takes 10mins to log in and then entering any page is a case of press and wait 30secs before pressing and waiting again before you know your link has been activated. Still it at least let me read my mails, nothing new thankfully. I enjoyed the week away though could have done without the long marking sessions which meant missing out on a couple of nice events in cognac and drinks in the village. Jams were also kept to a minimum in an effort to finally get all the igad and coding student assignments done in time for the ridiculously short deadline. But think I just made it apart from a few stragglers. Will have a short marking session when I get home to deal with tho then turn attention to the admin for next fun fun Ahthankyew

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