Sunday, 15 July 2012

Rain Stopped play

That and a rear wheel puncture prevented my trip to Ikea yesterday, it was dreadful weather, worst I've seen in some time, massive cloudbursts every 20 mins or so.

As I went to risk a trip into town between downpours I spotted by back tyre down and looking pretty walk time to the normally cheap Habour bike shope.

The old bike has been in need of a full service for a month or 2, with the chain popping off and brakes becoming more a matter of judgement and faith rather than actual stopping ability, so it was time to bite the bullet and fork over the 30 quid for the full service and another 35 for a puncture proof back tyre and fitting..ouch...

They offer a while you wait service, but I went into town to have a nice goats cheese salad at my favourite cafe in the Grote Mark, Soho Kitchen. A few pints of cider and a catchup with fellow recent singleton and cider serving barmaid, Laura who's also getting on with things,then head to Blokker to buy a cheaper than 1st excpected before cost of bike repair was known, vac.

I just got a really cheap basic light one, with hardwood floors throughout you don't need much of a vac - and this isn't much of a vac. But it works. Lounge and bedrooms have been tackled, upstairs "studio" as it is now, needs a bit of sorting out 1st.

Ironic that for a slob, the house is now cleaner that its ever been. :D

Rain seems to be holding off today, so will pop along to Ikea later on the new improved stoppable bike and get my bits sorted.

If I get it all done quick enough today I'll get the studio sorted out and do a bit of recording..maybe some better versions of the Eurythmics stuff I noodled with a few weeks ago.


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