Friday, 13 July 2012

New order...

I've spent the day re-arranging the house a little, nothing drastic just chairs beds and office stuff. Making the house my own.

Sadly I got left with the crap vacuum which does not really work, and isn't making a dent on the considerable amounts of dust and lint...for all her moaning about how untidy I was, my ex seemed to have a serious problem with the concept of dusting.

But I've done as much as I can for now without a vac, so off to media markt and ikea in the morning for a few bits of gadgets and furniture.

Sideboard for the living room, with drawers for storage and some kind of filing system
Office chair
small chest of drawers for the office
Cheap spare double bed and matress...probably not from Ikea though they are quite pricey for beds.

and for electrics
Cheap monitor

There's a few more odds and ends I need and a couple of biggies, like wardrobes, but they can wait a little while, 1st order of business is to get the spare room usable for sprog on the 27th. Can't afford to spend too much on the card since its got to get cleared off as soon as possible to allow the mortgage transfer to go ahead.

Its been quite nice changing things around and filling in the gaps..picked up a few kitchen bits as well...can't quite work out why she took both cheese graters though!!!


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