Monday, 16 July 2012

89.5 Biblical rainfall

What the hell is going on with the 4 years here I don't recall a summer like it. They have rain allright but never this heavy or this constant...its been weeks since I smelled a BBQ (a national pastime here) and even then it got washed out.

Its stopped me going out to IKEA again, though that might be a good thing, since I will probably just end up annoyed and sideboardless again. I've focused on finishing up the house clear up, getting the office ready for use, and having a proper sort out in the studio. Taking books and work based things down to the office means I have more storage space upstairs for my guitar/recording crap so things are starting to fall into place. I thought the house was quite big for me on my own, but considering how much crap I have, it seems spreading it around multiple rooms solves most of my issues right away :D


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