Thursday, 19 July 2012

89.8 :( Spare Room project phase 1

Hmmm expected to be down a few hundred grammes today..oh well..

Spare room has its most important feature, a nice double bed thanks to Get rid of it in Breda facebook page where I managed to pick one up reasonabely cheaply and get a nice couple to deliver it. They spent half an hour with Ed and I while we all jammed a bit...kinda...drink had a part to play in my hospitality.

After getting up at an ungodly hour for some reason, 6-30!! I have done a bit of pottering about and built aformentioned bed after dismantelling the not so far mentioned single bed frame what was left. Trying to shift that on Get Rid of it in Breda to but there seems to be a bit of a glut of beds, and no one wants a single steel framed jobbie. If it doesn't go before next week it'll have to go in the shed so the room is clear for D & K when they arrive.

Ikea trip for sideboard and a couple of small chest of drawers (and some pillows) for the spare room is again on hold till the weather decides what it wants to do. So far this morning there have been 3 or 4 short deluges with sunshine following...note I said in massive though short lived downpours...just the kind that soak you to your skin as you cycle 4 miles to it can wait a bit.

Have some other things to do so will crack on until I see permanent blue skies.

Recording not going so well due to impromptu jamming with Ed, will continue later.


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