Monday, 2 July 2012

Daaayh Tooo in da Big Brother house

Had a really nice relaxing Sunday, getting to know people, doing some marking, eating and drinking a bit too much, which resulted in my usual reflux problems, fortunately I bought some pepcids from a chemist in Montparnasse but didn't stop me having a disturbed uncomfortable night....need to keep the bread and wine quantities down.

This morning, very bright and unnaturally early I got up at 6 since sleeping with the indigestion was not an option, and went for a nice long 45 min walk...that'll burn a few cals.

Todays plan is simple, guitar lessons, OSIRIS updates, marking, guitar lessons,, marking.

Today is also my first full official day as a singleton again....since if everything went to plan Bina moved her stuff out of the house yesterday...Which of course is a sad thing,I will be heading home to an empty house.. I still don't really want to discuss the ins and outs of things here..just marking the timeline.

Still debating the update of my FB page, it seems she's already changed hers to "seperated"...I think "single" is more accurate, no point trying to hang on to failed relationships.


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