Friday, 13 July 2012

At last

aside from a small bit of paperwork I need to finish tomorrow, I am now on holiday for 5 weeks or so

thank fuck...I am mentally and physically exhuasted. I really am I just want to vegitate for a few weeks not, sleeping without and alarm and getting drunk......I know its not good for you but thats just how I feel right now

This has been a hard few months and I need turn myself off and on again to coing an ICT phrase.

Though I am going to start with a trip to IKEA on Friday or Sat to buy some new furniture and re-organise the house to my tastes.

I managed to clear off my share of the joint credit at last, so now I just have to get my credit card down to 0 ASAP and then I can switch the mortgage..

That in itself is annoying since I am alrady paying he mortgage and my cc and my share of teh joint credit comfortably, but the only way they will transfer the mortgage is to take away my credit line ....silly banks.

Had the end of year meeting today which was nice in a way, I decided not to go to the BBQ though I just wasn't in the mood to part or get drunk around freinds....that rest really is needed 1st.

Anyway....time to refresh, regroup and renew...3 R's to focus on the future.

oh diet went a bit out the window today, and not weeighed myself...will get back on the wagon soon.


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