Saturday, 19 July 2008

How Much????

When I was in Holland I managed to sort out some carpets for the apartment, it was a bit more expensive than I think you'd need to pay in the UK but getting it all delivered, fitted and ermm whatever you do to carpets, before I arrived, seemed like the best idea.

I also tried to sort out the decorating which was a bit more complex and wasn't able to pin down when I was there but I got a quote today for papering and painting.....around €2500
€2500.....whats nearly an armful that is? Actual materials were costed at around €900 and the rest was labour over a week......A week???

I dunno about you but that seems a tad pricey to me. So unfortunatly I've had to say no, I do get a fairly decent relocation package to help with stuff but I have to pay it out first to claim it later so thats a bit of a stress on the savings account, and I don't think I can fork out €2500 for decorating plus buy furniture plus buy electrics plus live for a month before payday and payback on the outlay.

hmmm this moving lark could be more expensive than I was expecting.

The trouble is the carpets are getting laid on the 28th so I don't want to be painting and splashing walpaper paste when new carpets are underfoot. So I'm going to have to go over there earlier than planned to do some basic decorating before the carpet gets laid.

bugger...just cost 75quid to change my flight time to the 25th...hmmm definitly getting more expensive.


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