Thursday, 24 July 2008

Phew what a scorcher....kinda

Been a busy and warm day here in balmy Bradford. Not much sun unfortunately though.

Spent most of it with my daughter Danni, as I'm not going to see much of her for the next 6 weeks or so, that hurts and I'll miss her a lot but I'm hoping she'll come over to visit from time to time and of course I'll see her for our lunches and movies when I'm back in the UK.

The less we see of each other though more more we seem to connect and I love the chats we have now compared to the daddy-small daughter stuff we used to have (though I miss that too sometimes).

I can still get her to say Daaaaaaaad at me from time to time (for all non parents out there, making your child squirm with embarrassment and say Daaaaaad at you is the greatest feeling in the world.)
She's just started to find her feet in the world and has met a really nice lad, (he has a job....faints, and a car, …coma) much better than the immature oiks she's "dated" before.

I'm incredibly proud of the way my scrawny, ex-chavette daughter is maturing into a lovely young lady, even though she has to work on that "uh?" noise she makes at times, and a bit less make up, and smaller earrings, and and:D

So aside from time with Danni, its been final packing, a trip to B&Q for some odds and ends I'll need for the decorating straight away; Sorting out last minute letters and problems at the Post Office with the card this time...bah!

Have a Taxi booked for 5am to take me to the airport and now going to start making up a list of things I have to buy in order of importance since the budget won't stretch to buying all at once..Towels...must remember to buy towels..and pillows...oh this could go on for a bit.

I've packed a sander, my electric screwdriver, a cable extension and a few basic tools in my case so if nothing else I can get the walls smoothed down within a couple of hours of arriving. Must buy a mop and bucket and cloths for cleaning up...that'll get messy!

Just got to pack up my dev kit in bubble wrap and foam and put that in the case as well in case there's any issues with my project which has gone off to Submission now, hopefully that'll be fine and I can get a sign off on that and start messing about with my own stuff for fun.

Oh....Nintendo were perfectly happy with my solution to the EEPROM corruption, I knew they would be, 24 hours wasted though just because some QA guy couldn't understand there is a difference between severe and partial corruption. Ah well its over now, I can chill.



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