Wednesday, 9 July 2008

A fun way to start the day

I'm a regular contributor to an industry forum called The Chaos Engine (anyone in the industry should check it out, anyone wanting to be in the games industry can try and check it out but you probably won't get in..hmm I'm going to post some thoughts about that later..I promise)

Anyway aside from the usual boring rants about religion, politics and how unfair work is, the people there also promote their own blogs and share their views on life the universe and everything

Just recently they have added a list of other games developers blogs, so having a little nosey through I found this. I've added it at the bottom for you as well.

Apparently its been around for a while so sorry if you've seen it before, but somehow I missed it, I thought it was amazing and I still have the smile on my face..It's set me up for the day.

The guy in the video used to work for a games company called Pandemic in Australia. Proof that games developers can't dance, but they can bring joy to the world


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