Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Ah, there is something worse

Bloody banks, they can take your money out of your account 0.0235 nanoseconds after you press ok on an ATM, but try putting money into your account and it takes 3-5 days....This despite recent promises that they are speeding up the system.
Balls to that, its a con so they can keep your cash a bit longer in the system and avoid paying interest and hope you overdraw a bit while you're waiting.

Normally I wouldn't be too worried, but I'm trying to finish up some things in the UK before I head over to Holland, and wanted to arrange a transfer to my new dutch account so I'd have euro's to hand over there on my Dutch Bank cardm, but looks like I'll have to take out cash at the ATM, pay commision and visa charges.

Bloody pain...hopefully some funds I'm expecting will arrive tomorrow, otherwise it'll be begging bowl time to get me over to Breda so I can sand the walls down before Monday...

Bloody banks.

In other news my QA chums had to back down on the power down issue but they managed to find another bug? that they are sticking on....I won't bore you with the details but its regarding a reset of a header corruption on an EEPROM and an erase of an individual profile for a profile corruption.. I did it right, they don't think so and we need Nintendo to give a judgment.

More time wasted I fear.


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