Saturday, 12 July 2008

Y'see Y'see

You know that expression it never rains but it pours...well heres a good example.
In my last post I gave you considerable insight into the suffering that is caused by material want.

Some of you will understand just how much I am suffering and will no doubt be nodding your heads in agreement and sympathy.

You'd think that would be enough, but no, good old fate has to use a blunt rusty spoon to open an even deeper wound in my heart and then throw some salt in there.

10 minutes ago I got an email from Apple, I just got accepted into the IPhone user development program.... None computer geeks out there will be saying so what...but my fellow computer geeks will know exactly what this means..The chance to actually write and SELL some games on an IPhone.
Something I've been waiting for since the Iphones 1st went on sale and I downloaded the woefully inadequate 1st version of the Software Development Kit, even going so far as to get hold of a Mac Mini, a machine I'd never use for anything other than Iphone Development.

My heart skipped a beat, I was aware I was holding my breath, I could feel my face blushing and my teeth were sore from the rare exposure to air caused by the width of my grin. I may have farted, its hard to tell. I shouted, "c'mon my son" at the PC as I joyously clicked on the link to download the appropriate software and register my name with Apple as an official Developer.

And of course, slowly, almost in a the way that a brick wall of self denial couldn't resist the sledgehammer of reality suddenly becoming clear, the realization that I don't have an IPhone, started to dawn on me. I have to elaborate on yesterdays Haiku like comment.

I don't have an IPhone.
I want an IPhone.
I have developer status and no IPhone
I can't make games for the IPhone.
I can't afford an IPhone.

I suffer.

Boy that Bhudda guy was REALLLLLLY good.


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