Tuesday, 22 July 2008

There's nothing worse

Than Bad QA

Not that the QA on my current project is bad, on the whole it's been excellent, but clearly someone at the publishers end is being a bit of an arse and insisting that he KNOWS there's a way that the DS can avoid powering down before it has done its EEPROM save.. (you corrupt it y'see if you switch off before its saved out)

Of course said QA guy doesn't actually know what the function is called, or what, I wager, game he's seen it done on before, but he KNOWS theres a way you can do it.

There isn't......I checked, I got all my DS coder friends to check too.

But this QA guy, knows it can be done.........yawn

I'll wait for him to get the message then mark the bug as closed...4 or 5 hours wasted there, nice.

edit...Nintendo confirmed..it can't be done....so much for what he knows then eh!

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