Friday, 18 July 2008

The weary traveller returns

I got back from Holland last night , pretty tired and sadly lacking any sign of a shmoke or a pancake. The landing at bradford seemed a bit rough, but everyone survived.

What a fantastic place Holland is though, I am now the proud owner of a Dutch bank account all sorted out in 2 days (can you imagine that in the UK) and all the paper work has been signed to the apartment...I've signed up with the local town hall to get my Social Security number (a requirement if you work in Holland) and I've found a curry house, a kebab place and a subway all within 5 mins walk of my apartment. Now I just have to find some way to get it all furnished and comfy on a budget of £1.75.

One or two surprises came up when the agents were walking me through the place though..I have a huge powered storage area in the complex basement to store stuff...and access to communal secure bike store..Fantastic! I was a bit worried about where I'd store some of my junk and of course in Holland a bike is almost compulsory so these bonus items are just amazing. Apparently this is the norm in an apartment complex so it was assumed I'd know about it....result!

The apartment has really a cool underfloor heating system which is in part powered by a complex and always working ventilation system in each room...yes a ventilation lingering flatulence issues, it all gets sucked out and used to heat the last a use for farts, I feel so proud that my wind problems will be contributing to the Dutch environmental efforts.

Breda itself is a fantasic peaceful and relaxed town, very much an outdoor cafe feel to it, though as its the holidays there were not too many students around so perhaps that contributes to the calm and peaceful nature of it all. No doubt I'll see when the students get back.

So the next couple of weeks are going to involve a lot of planning and packing to get stuff over there.


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